Food Truck Restaurant Branding

A food truck mixing flavors of Asia and Mexico into small handheld bites


JuanTon’s is an original concept I have had in my head since 2009, and is what made me originally study Hospitality Management. Its is a Mexican-Asain fusion quick service restaurant applying both ingredients and techniques used in both quisines. Later on in life I still hope to bring this concept to reality.


JuanTon’s is a fun concept with great food and I wanted to create a character that embodied the emotion of the brand. His name is JuanTon (JT for short) and he was created to have multiple facial expressions and arm placements. The yellow color is light and fun to draw your eye to the restautant, and Bree Serif for headline type and Good Serif for description help bring the proper emorion as well.

Illustration Hayley Lekven

Food & Beverage

Class Portfolio A

Professor Bradford Prairie/Sean Bacon

December 2021

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